Hello everyone and welcome to MotherDid,


I am the artisan behind MothersDid and I’d like to share my story with you.  I was born in 1974 in Turkey. I had a great childhood growing up and was able to attend college, when I finished degree, my biggest dream was to have a professional career – and so I became a banker. Over time, I came to the top of my career rising through the ranks. Soon after I was married and I had a child. Having a problematic pregnancy and a very early birth changed everything. My baby arrived at 28 weeks weighing only 1 kilogram (a little over 2 pounds). My incredible daughter, Belinay, was able to overcome her early birth and all of its challenges and now lives with Cerebral Palsy.


I stopped working to fully focus on my daughter and her development. My next goal was to make my daughter live a life without any help. I have always taken care of my daughter since her infancy…


We went to physical therapy together…

We went to school together ...

We went to music lessons and choir together ...

We went to theater together…

During all of her activities I was there waiting for her. 


During therapy and all of my waiting, I picked back up with an old passion, handcrafting. While I was waiting for my daughter, I decided to sell the products I made and invest for my daughter's future, and so we founded “MothersDid” in hopes of developing the future for Belinay.


The school where my daughter goes is a school where disabled children and non-disabled children study in the same class.


Disabled children’s mothers and fathers are waiting for their children at school every day. They are real friends who have the legs for the children that cannot walk, tongues for the children who cannot speak, and eyes for the children who cannot see…most importantly, our children brought us together.


My daughter is 11 years old now and her goal is to be an artist. She is the singer of “Together we'll get through all the Obstacles” in the “Children of Ataturk” music book. She was requested and performed this song live to the President, Prime Minister, Ministers and many bureaucrats of Turkey. She was also the first disabled child to attend the International Folk-Dance Festival of Macedonia with her walker. Belinay's accomplishments have been shared the world over and through many news channels.



When it comes to the purpose of “Mothersdid” it is for Çiğdem and all mothers to sell their products.  Our hope is to to donate some of our income to SERÇEV and as the orders are intensified, mothers of children with disabilities can also make these products and support our cause while waiting for their children.


I currently work as a volunteer for SERÇEV (Association of Children with Cerebral Palsy). Currently I am the sitting vice president of SERÇEV. I continue to work voluntarily for all children with disabilities.



Here is my beautiful, intelligent, hard-working, ambitious daughter that never gave up I: